Profile of the School and our Founder

Acharya Narendra Deo Public School, Chapra was established to carry forward the ideas of Acharya Narendra Dev and the mission to take the society from darkness towards light. Having a very humble start in 1994 while operating out of the temporary campus in Shree Moti Singh Jageshwari Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital, Bara Telpa village, the school now has a well build campus in Khalpura village which is in accordance with CBSE norms. The village Khalpura situated on National Highway 19 is known for its prosperity and long-standing traditions of education. As early as the 1930s, the village could boast about having a Sanskrit pathshala which attracted learners from several districts, a Kanya Vidyalaya where female students got free education up to middle school, and a village library named Ramdhari Pushtakalaya established in 1930s in the name of freedom fighter Ramdhari Singh who belonged to this very village. While the village had a middle school for boys as well, the struggles of meritorious village kids in accessing a high school prompted Babu Mahamaya Sharan Singh to establish Rai Saheb Kalika Singh High School in 1946 on his own land in the very same village. In no time, the RSKS High School emerged as the pre-eminent centre of learning for more than fifty villages surrounding it. The final piece in the establishment of educational institutes in Khalpura village got completed with the establishment of Acharya Narendra Deo Public School, Chapra as a residential cum day boarding CBSE affiliated school in the year 2002.

Benjamin Franklin had once said that if one wishes to be remembered for long they must “Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing [about]”. While the founder of Acharya Narendra Deo Public School, Chapra, Shree Jay Narayan Singh Solanki did not leave something worth reading, he left behind a rich legacy which is certainly worth writing about. As the pre-eminent educationist of Chapra district, he oversaw the establishment of a fully functional Ayurvedic Medical College, two Teacher Training institutes and two CBSE affiliated schools. As the founder of A N Deo Public School, Shree Jay Narayan Singh Solanki was only helping his daughter Shreemati Anita Singh in realising her long standing desire of establishing a CBSE affiliated school in her own district. It was in consultation with then Prime Minister Shree Chandrashekhar and then Member of Parliament Shree Ram Bahadur Singh that it was decided that to establish a residential school in Khalpura village situated beside RSKS High School and in the lap of nature surrounded with hundreds of acres of Mango orchids which are nurtured by Maa Ganga herself. The suggestion to honour the legacy of Acharya Narendra Dev by naming the school after him came from Shree Anil Kumar Singh, who happens to be the current Principal of the very same school. The project moved forward with Shree Jay Narayan Singh Solanki donating his two Acre plot in Khalpura village for the establishment of the school and the first financial aid required to meet initial expenses coming from Shreemati Rita Solanki. For the effective governance of the school, the Acharya Narendra Deo Memorial Society was founded in 1994 and incorporated in the year 2001 as per the Societies Registration Act, 1860 with the following eight members at helm -

Shree Jay Narayan Singh Solanki – Chairman Shree Satyanarayan Sharma – Member
Shreemati Anita Singh – Secretary Shree Jagdishwar Prasad Singh – Member
Shree Anil Kumar Singh – Treasurer Acharya Bharat Mahto – Member
Mohammed Sami - Member Shree Sachchidanand Ojha – Member

After being established temporarily in the Shree Moti Singh Jageshwari Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital, Bara Telpa on 29th January 1994, Acharya Narendra Deo Public School opened up for students for Classes Nursery to Vth. At the time, the retired Principal of Chapra Jila School Shree Shiv Kumar Singh was appointed as the first Principal of the school. With the current campus coming into existence in 2001, the school saw Shree Ashok Kumar Singh becoming the new Principal who was appointed to steer the school towards achieving CBSE affiliation within next one year. By this time, the Acharya Narendra Deo Public School had assumed a space of distinction within the district as it held the honour of functioning out of a green campus and producing excellent results on all fronts. By 2002, the Acharya Narendra Deo Public School became the first CBSE affiliated school of Chapra district but under the new Principal Shree Anil Kumar Singh. As part of planned progression, the school got affiliation up to Class XIIth by the year 2004. In order to meet the shortage of quality teachers in the state which hampered the process of teaching and learning within the A N Deo Public School as well, it was decided to establish a new Teacher Training College in Jalalpur village of Chapra district. Presently, the Mathura Singh Teacher Training College which offers both B. Ed. and D. El. Ed. courses remains the first choice of all learners in the district.

As the school completed its 25th anniversary in the year 2019, it continues to usher further in accordance with the vision of Shree Jay Narayan Singh Solanki and to realise the future imagined by Acharya Narendra Deo. In order to carry forward the tradition of Shree Jay Narayan Singh Solanki, it was decided by Shreemati Anita Singh to establish a new Pharmacy college and a Nursing college within next five years in the very campus of Mathura Singh Teacher Training College, Jalalpur. Before we conclude, we must acknowledge that any eminent institution of education is built with the collaboration of all its stakeholders and we are thankful to all the parents, the teachers, the staff workers and other well wishers who became part of our journey and we will always remain proud of our school alumni, who continue to lead the nation in the right direction.